Lucifer Table Read | Season 1 Episode 1 |

The Lucifer cast joins us for a table read of Season 1 Episode 1 during with @NetflixGeeked and Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Inbar Lavi, Dennis Haysbert, Ildy Modrovich, and Joe Henderson.


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Lucifer Table Read | Season 1 Episode 1 |

Bored with being the Lord of Hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and forms a connection with a homicide detective.


  1. Michael Gookool

    Michael GookoolPrije 5 sati

    the cop was his dad

  2. carla adasme

    carla adasmePrije 13 sati

    Lauren changes so much when she speaks as Chloe

  3. carla adasme

    carla adasmePrije 13 sati

    They should also do the last episode as a closure

  4. rahul

    rahulPrije 17 sati

    why is that "ummm" so funny at 31:44

  5. Meishia Kernahan

    Meishia KernahanPrije dan

    Damn! That was soooo good! I need more!

  6. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije dan

    Pura mala zzzzipooo soy mal amigo

  7. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije dan

    Bibi en barros Luco 8280 zzzzzi zzzo el zzzzimmo 👉🐼

  8. Om k

    Om kPrije dan

    I have watched all the 5 seasons 5+ times!

  9. Mmmmm

    MmmmmPrije 2 dana

    30:35 watching tom speaking in an american accent is so weird, i keep thinking about Michael 🤣

  10. Drew Anderson

    Drew AndersonPrije 2 dana

    I have to say watching the cast do a read through is a fantastic sight. During the pandemic I would love to see them sit around with drinks and just reading first draft scripts of the show. This is why behind the scenes is so much more entertaining. You can make fun and laugh with friends. A good Friday night.🥃🥃🥃 The devil's nectar. Cheers Lol 😈😈😈

  11. Scotia McCombie

    Scotia McCombiePrije 2 dana

    Cracking insight - love this. Voices / vocal intonation - love you all & thank you all for such an incredible series. I wish it could continue - just imagine what S7, S8 could be.

  12. Tania Vanessa

    Tania VanessaPrije 2 dana

    Hey ya'll lucifer says a lie at 56:20

  13. mary rose ilog

    mary rose ilogPrije 2 dana

    That was a treat to watch! Thanks to you amazing actors!!

  14. monster macaroni

    monster macaroniPrije 2 dana


  15. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryPrije 3 dana

    Did someone take a screenshot at the end or something?

  16. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryPrije 3 dana

    I was so distracted by the amount of photo frames Tom has in his background 😄. I must say, he really gets into character, very well done 👍

  17. Tatiana Divito-Barrie

    Tatiana Divito-BarriePrije 3 dana

    And y is Rachel takes all the spare lines

  18. Tatiana Divito-Barrie

    Tatiana Divito-BarriePrije 3 dana

    Y is Lauren so friken funny

  19. Oxana Tarashchuk

    Oxana TarashchukPrije 3 dana

    Seems that they included some of cut scenes we never knew about, but it's so interesting to hear 👍👏

  20. ClaudiaCapa

    ClaudiaCapaPrije 3 dana

    wow, I can't stop finding similarities between Aimee and Tom's dialogue and their actual broken friendship 😞 when she talks about toxic relationships, when she asks him if she’s talented or when he says he has a bad taste in men. look how tense Lesley and Lauren are in the meantime ... I felt their own tension at 10:46 Tom and Aimee laugh and I like to think it's not because of the line written on the script 😭

  21. the vampire diaries

    the vampire diariesPrije 4 dana

    best cast best show i really love them and i will miss them so much

  22. Mel Anthony Bibar

    Mel Anthony BibarPrije 4 dana

    Where's Dan? 🥺

  23. Eyrún Andradóttir

    Eyrún AndradóttirPrije 4 dana

    I need this as a podcast

  24. These Videos

    These VideosPrije 4 dana

    HRhave needs more of these table reads.

  25. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije 4 dana

    K kloy no rete a Simón🐼💪🍀 y Zi no es molestia puden alludar a Miguel Antonio👻😇

  26. Rachna Srivastava

    Rachna SrivastavaPrije 4 dana

    I love how others had tears listening to Lauren mimicking Tom’s character 🤣

  27. M S

    M SPrije 4 dana

    OMG this is so cool ❤️

  28. Michelle Stutzman

    Michelle StutzmanPrije 4 dana

    I love this show its my favorite it's so happy and beautiful cast they have such sweet souls 💗💖💛💕

  29. AlwaysX Lucifer

    AlwaysX LuciferPrije 4 dana


  30. Ced Burner

    Ced BurnerPrije 5 dana

    The sleepy riverbed expectably meddle because deborah precisely trip unto a eight flute. tasteful, sparkling swedish

  31. Luffy Straw Hat Monkey D.

    Luffy Straw Hat Monkey D.Prije 5 dana

    l love this tv show

  32. fall1n1

    fall1n1Prije 5 dana

    Inbar has me dead the way she plays Kevin is perfecttttttt

  33. Mazekeen Demon

    Mazekeen DemonPrije 5 dana


  34. L

    LPrije 5 dana

    Will there be more table reads? I loved this one!

  35. Michael Lomax

    Michael LomaxPrije 5 dana

    A table read of the the ideas and scripts that that got put to the side.

  36. The Queen's Half Corgi

    The Queen's Half CorgiPrije 6 dana

    Lucifer: so tell me, what do you truly desire? Me: season 7?

  37. mebgipu fikeknaf

    mebgipu fikeknafPrije 6 dana

    The hurt horse extremely count because greece minimally obtain outside a hospitable museum. exotic, awful square

  38. nugget_illustrates

    nugget_illustratesPrije 5 dana

    Home dawg what???

  39. Kenneth Saul

    Kenneth SaulPrije 6 dana

    I want to see the cast of Lucifer do a cover of Feel The Light by Jennifer Lopez!!

  40. J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan

    J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. BentulanPrije 6 dana

    In re the comments at the end like wondering if Lucifer will be picked up...I wonder how much of that it was based on comic series. I mean crime solving devil really. Idk for me I really enjoy Lucifer like all of it but without reading all these HRhave comments or whatever or checking out rotten tomatoes ratings i probably wouldn't think it was other people's cup of tea...(S1 did have 40-49% rating...though S2 and S3 were 100%...) or maybe at least shouldn't think since sure as Lucifer is our next God I was really surprised that Lucifer was cancelled at s3.

  41. J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan

    J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. BentulanPrije 6 dana

    now I see better how much waiting live actors do/potentially do compared to say voice actors. A lot of this is actually people watching Tom and Lauren...

  42. J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan

    J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. BentulanPrije 6 dana

    I actually watched the whole thing!! Great great stuff.

  43. tarrynstar

    tarrynstarPrije 6 dana

    They should have done a newer Episode when they had both Lucifer and Michael in it. I liked the part when they switched roles. Now I have heard if they made Lucifer American.

  44. tarrynstar

    tarrynstarPrije 6 dana

    Did we see the act two in the pilot episode of Lucifer later at lux.

  45. tarrynstar

    tarrynstarPrije 6 dana

    Omg Lauren german with short hair I think that she looks cute. Is that her new look for season six. I also think that Tom Ellis looks and sounds so different meaning him doing the Lucifer voice looking like that and with glasses.

  46. nghtblccd

    nghtblccdPrije 6 dana

    This is not exactly the script that they used for the Pilot... interesting.

  47. Oxana Tarashchuk

    Oxana TarashchukPrije 3 dana

    @nghtblccd they already had the older version of the pilot lol, I actually saw that scene in hospital with the another actor as Dan. And the scene with Chloe and Lucifer in the car where she answered on the phone call as det. Dancer, too. Both scenes are on the HRhave. They had to change the pilot later, because the first actor, who played Dan, was hired to another show, so he was replaced by Kevin Alexandro. So they simply cut that actor from the hospital scene. By the way, the old version of Dan looks pretty much alike Scarlett Estevez, who plays Trixie

  48. nghtblccd

    nghtblccdPrije 3 dana

    @Oxana Tarashchuk yeah, but I don't think there are more versions of the script. I just think they chose to change things *while* already filming (and editing) and just didn't have time to change the script. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense for them to use the older/first script.

  49. Oxana Tarashchuk

    Oxana TarashchukPrije 3 dana

    I actually think that was the old version of the pilot with some cut scenes and old Dan in the hospital scene. Because I saw Lauren doubted how to read her character's surname - Dancer or Decker. And Dancer was the first version of Chloe's surname

  50. Keeley

    KeeleyPrije 6 dana

    Lauren’s haircut I’m livinggggg

  51. Lunisolace

    LunisolacePrije 7 dana

    Ok but can we talk about Tom and Lauren's chemistry. It's oozing even though their only talking via zoom chat

  52. William Collis

    William CollisPrije 7 dana

    I'm really fascinated by the script writing, in terms how of how they setup scenes and characters.

  53. J. Baird

    J. BairdPrije 7 dana

    How are they gonna put a line in about “wealth and taste” and then try to use Gimme Shelter over Sympathy For The Devil?

  54. Bianca Bardowell

    Bianca BardowellPrije 7 dana

    WARNING about this show ! The show Lucifer is deceitful. It makes people question what's already true, that Satan is a deceiver, a liar, evil, hateful, & an accuser. Its already too late for him because his time of judgment is coming. Since his time is coming he tries to keep people away from God and from believing the truth about Jesus Christ. This show causes people to have deceitful thoughts like "maybe Lucifer has good in him or maybe Lucifer just messed up once and he's reallu a good guy deep down." The truth is that there isnt any good in Lucifer at all and there never will be. The truth is that Lucifer hates people and wants people to be deceived. The bible says that Lucifer comes as an angel of light which means that he deceits people by coming as something that's innocent, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. This show helps people to see him as a trusted friend but Lucifer is more like a "friend" who secretly prays on your downfall, one who stabs you in the back, and one who loves to see you down. To anyone who is hurting, from someone you love or people around you, I want you to know that people may hurt you but God never will. He formed you in the womb and calls you by name. He knew you before you were born. He loved you more than anyone could ever love you. He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins that we were meant to suffer for and rise Him up 3 days later so that we too can be risen up after death (to live free without pain, suffering, grief, and darkness) if we believe and confess Jesus Christ. He's a healer, a provider, a protector, a redeemer, and your Creator who made you perfectly and wonderfully. "For I have plans for you" says the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope" ❤📖 People will fail you but God never will. People will say all types of things to you, and lie to you, and hurt you. But God is not a man that would lie.

  55. PerthTowne

    PerthTownePrije 7 dana

    @Colette Follot Seriously, it's a very entertaining television show. Why do some people like the original poster insist on hanging a lot of religious baggage on it. As the tune says, "Don't overthink it."

  56. Colette Follot

    Colette FollotPrije 7 dana

    It's a SHOW (with a message of redemption) calm down. The message isn't about the devil being good or not it's about someone that was used to be a bad person and the grown up to become a better person. don't take it too seriously

  57. J V S

    J V SPrije 7 dana

    Why is miss helfey talking to lucifer?

  58. Tenzint Tsering

    Tenzint TseringPrije 7 dana

    Lucifer you r the amazing big fan big fan big fan waiting your movie

  59. Robert Cook

    Robert CookPrije 7 dana

    When Lesley disconnected 😂😂 26:48

  60. Ryan Fitzy

    Ryan FitzyPrije 7 dana

    this is pretty cool. lol

  61. Drunkloverz

    DrunkloverzPrije 7 dana


  62. rachelann_

    rachelann_Prije 7 dana

    Tom saying, "Are you on Bridgerton?" 🤣

  63. Dragonfly Rising

    Dragonfly RisingPrije 8 dana

    Funny.. I just rewatched 1st episode. Word for word.. so good!! 🙌🏼 Amazing how Tom does not break character even at table reads. He is such a great actor! I hope to see him in other new projects after Lucifer, sooner rather than later! Love him! ♥️

  64. Padmashree S

    Padmashree SPrije 8 dana

    Tom's voice ❤


    AMAZON MEMES KAPrije 8 dana

    " Hello Detective "



    Loved it

  67. Oluchi Buchi-Njere

    Oluchi Buchi-NjerePrije 8 dana

    Aimee Garcia as Delilah is beautiful!

  68. snittykitty

    snittykittyPrije 8 dana

    This was great, thanks for doing this!

  69. Olivier

    OlivierPrije 8 dana

    Lauren is fenomenal as Lucifer!

  70. Michael Angelo

    Michael AngeloPrije 8 dana

    This is so cool....

  71. Cecília Mylena

    Cecília MylenaPrije 8 dana

    Q nostalgia. Rs 😭😍

  72. Jake Parker

    Jake ParkerPrije 8 dana


  73. Nadeem Bhatti

    Nadeem BhattiPrije 8 dana

    Really fascinating

  74. Thais Santos

    Thais SantosPrije 8 dana

    Charlotte is absolutely stunning. She makes me feel like crap 💩

  75. Sujit Tamang

    Sujit TamangPrije 8 dana

    Nicee , douche dan🤣 just.... Love chloe

  76. C. Cooke

    C. CookePrije 8 dana

    God as Officer Digs

  77. 082_Kyrie Hanna Panjaitan

    082_Kyrie Hanna PanjaitanPrije 8 dana

    tom is so great omg

  78. Arianne Awono

    Arianne AwonoPrije 8 dana


  79. mtown pyro

    mtown pyroPrije 8 dana

    Dennis Haysbert??

  80. Pearl Jhonathan

    Pearl JhonathanPrije 8 dana

    We want Lucifer series in Tamil

  81. Gorkhali

    GorkhaliPrije 8 dana


  82. Swapnil Dharu

    Swapnil DharuPrije 8 dana

    Not today...

  83. Thinesh Jayasinghe

    Thinesh JayasinghePrije 8 dana

    My mans looks wasted

  84. Melancholy Goat

    Melancholy GoatPrije 9 dana

    Toms house mannn... it’s reminds me of them rooms they have on ikea

  85. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije 9 dana

    Kien es o es o no es🅰️

  86. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije 9 dana


  87. Miguel Ugalde

    Miguel UgaldePrije 9 dana

    Le tengo pura mala a zzzzimonnnñ

  88. Nasibu Nyahunzvi

    Nasibu NyahunzviPrije 9 dana

    Omg Palmetto Street

  89. Nasibu Nyahunzvi

    Nasibu NyahunzviPrije 9 dana

    Where's Kevin😭😭

  90. Eugene Aniar

    Eugene AniarPrije 9 dana

    Oooh this is such a treat love the pilot show. Yes he did somewhat reminded me of Gatsby... no one can pull off Chsracter's Lucifer the way Tom does.

  91. Maham Raza

    Maham RazaPrije 9 dana

    Laurencifer: Nou Nou I caant reed people’s maainds I’m nout a ‘JEDAIII’ 😂

  92. Goemon Mods

    Goemon ModsPrije 9 dana

    Tf where is Dan ??

  93. Chello Remo

    Chello RemoPrije 9 dana

    God movies

  94. Niner Rich

    Niner RichPrije 9 dana

    Love me some Lauren German 🥰

  95. Melisa Germain

    Melisa GermainPrije 9 dana

    I loved how Mr. Ellis was in full character during the read. Thank you all for doing this. It was quite enjoyable to watch and a nice insight for what you do before the shooting.❤️🤟


    LAWRENCE FRAZIERPrije 9 dana

    I find Tricia Helfer very interesting, she is real good looking, so damn sexy, so so sexy, what a body, she definitely has it all going on, what a beautiful woman WOW

  97. Viharika J

    Viharika JPrije 9 dana

    inbar's jimmy impression had me on the FLOOR

  98. Hedi Sigg

    Hedi SiggPrije 9 dana

    The evasive hovercraft grossly welcome because drug unfortunately gaze astride a halting dad. polite, knotty birthday

  99. Kel B

    Kel BPrije 9 dana

    Lauren's hair is so cute like that! Now I kind of want to see a female Lucifer and male detective adaptation...

  100. Gamer On Fire

    Gamer On FirePrije 9 dana

    That was the best thing I have ever ever watched in my life definitely worth the one hour of my time

  101. SAARA

    SAARAPrije 9 dana

    Tom isn't even acting.. he's just being himself

  102. Rebecca Randall

    Rebecca RandallPrije 9 dana

    This was so laugh-out-loud fun to watch! Thank you all so much for putting in the extra time!

  103. Gabriela Constantin

    Gabriela ConstantinPrije 9 dana

    Thank you for making me start this series again 😑

  104. Victor Finberg

    Victor FinbergPrije 9 dana

    What is this?? The actual characters, reprising the first episode? How did you manage to arrange this? This is so awesome!

  105. Happiey Feetz

    Happiey FeetzPrije 9 dana

    Lots of love to the entire Team ❤

  106. Navin Datt

    Navin DattPrije 9 dana

    The crooked cherry topologically satisfy because toast metabolically mess up alongside a abaft agreement. jobless, undesirable anger