Love, Death + Robots | Inside the Animation: Snow in the Desert | Netflix

Maxime Luere, co-director of Snow In The Desert, explains the complex performance capture in this episode.


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Love, Death + Robots | Inside the Animation: Snow in the Desert | Netflix

From wild adventures on far-flung planets to unsettling encounters close to home: The Emmy-winning anthology returns with a crop of provocative tales.


  1. Almer Akbar

    Almer AkbarPrije dan

    I really thought the girl was real footage wow

  2. Rodney McKay

    Rodney McKayPrije dan

    Best episode in the series and that’s not an easy task when every episode is superb.

  3. LP Films: CGI Videos & Short Films

    LP Films: CGI Videos & Short FilmsPrije 2 dana

    Love it. Superb!

  4. Seruji

    SerujiPrije 3 dana

    I feel Kenobi/Tatooine vibes here. So strong in the force.

  5. Bogdan C.

    Bogdan C.Prije 5 dana

    one of the best animations i've ever seen, simply amazing!

  6. Bronze Mina

    Bronze MinaPrije 9 dana

    The animation for this was amazing

  7. weezles1

    weezles1Prije 9 dana

    I think this one was my favorite of season 2. And if this wasn't in it, then I'd be forced to go with Drowned Giant. What put this one over the top for me besides the incredible realism in the graphics and animation was the confluence of sci-fi elements, human emotion, and ultra violence. It was very "Heavy Metal" esque for me and I liked that over the pure sci-fi existential musings of Drowned Giant.

  8. Guillaume Thimus

    Guillaume ThimusPrije 9 dana

    Nice work! Brilliant! One of my favorite so far.

  9. LePacha

    LePachaPrije 9 dana

    Is he french ?

  10. Lo Eth

    Lo EthPrije 6 dana


  11. Maitrayee Sengupta

    Maitrayee SenguptaPrije 9 dana


  12. daredevil fan

    daredevil fanPrije 10 dana

    Best episode along with Popsquad

  13. Lord Flame

    Lord FlamePrije 11 dana

    At certain points I forgot it was CGI. The gore was fantastic too.

  14. ارسم البهجه

    ارسم البهجهPrije 11 dana

    Can we have season five castlevania

  15. bharat sharma

    bharat sharmaPrije 11 dana

    Fantastic series

  16. Seth Leoric

    Seth LeoricPrije 11 dana

    Probably one of my favourite episodes, i swear it was like reading some sort of Euro comic for the first time again.

  17. Nirmalya Sengupta

    Nirmalya SenguptaPrije 12 dana

    I's waiting for finest CGI Masterpiece in Netflix remembering Final Fantasy - The Spirit's old but still one of the best....

  18. aka fantoxxc

    aka fantoxxcPrije 13 dana

    i can't wait for the second season omg i really loved this serie

  19. श्रीजन रिजाल

    श्रीजन रिजालPrije 13 dana

    Netflix should buy the rights for Neal Asher's Polity series. So much potential.

  20. Nerumerus

    NerumerusPrije 13 dana

    Крутой фильм!

  21. Jameel Ja

    Jameel JaPrije 14 dana

    Both, "beyond the aquila rift" and "desert in the snow" were my favourite and amazing from a visual and storytelling perspective.

  22. Shmuly BeitParzal

    Shmuly BeitParzalPrije 14 dana

    I tried watching Love, Death + Robots, but even though I love sci-fi, it was too dark and violent for me. The only episode I really enjoyed was the one about the evolution of a civilisation in a fridge - I thought that was really good

  23. Bibek Sewa

    Bibek SewaPrije 14 dana

    By far the best episode of season 2 in my opinion.

  24. Azamat Gasimov

    Azamat GasimovPrije 14 dana

    As an experienced 3D artist, over time, I lost the ability to watch films with CGI, not thinking at this moment about how it was made. And for the first time in a long time, watching this episode, from the first second I was a simple spectator and, like a child, enjoyed the incredible story and visuals. These are precious moments! Thank you!

  25. Clara B

    Clara BPrije 14 dana

    Oui oui baguette French Accent 🤠🇫🇷

  26. S Abend

    S AbendPrije 14 dana

    Beyond the Aquila Rift is a bit too dark but still, it’s my #1 favourite in Season 1. It deserves a sequel/prequel/sidequel. Snow in the Desert could be a sidequel IMO.

  27. S Abend

    S AbendPrije 14 dana

    I love this story the most, personally, among all other stories in Season 2.

  28. Oziel Flores

    Oziel FloresPrije 15 dana

    Disfruté este episodio!!

  29. Vijay Kumar

    Vijay KumarPrije 15 dana

    The second season has been super disappointing.

  30. Charm Shipper

    Charm ShipperPrije 15 dana

    The girl in the thumbnail looks like Billie eilish with brown eyes, black hair and tan skin

  31. Faramik2000

    Faramik2000Prije 15 dana

    I love hearing the thoughts on the mind behind these shorts! I would like to hear the comments from the people who mae the auroboros short in last season tho

  32. Pavel Pekun

    Pavel PekunPrije 15 dana

    Simply the best.

  33. Jermaine Moodie

    Jermaine MoodiePrije 15 dana

    Loved it....yeah surreal looking, the world was beautiful, could really feel like water was in short demand. Amused how they bing your drink and needs to be unlocked with a keycode. Lots of emotions in such a short story.

  34. Man of Tomorrow

    Man of TomorrowPrije 15 dana

    Seriously, the CGI in this episode was freaking incredible.

  35. lucio luna

    lucio lunaPrije 15 dana

    I fking love all your work -

  36. Edu D

    Edu DPrije 15 dana

    Probably the most impressive animation I've ever seen

  37. Rene Eta

    Rene EtaPrije 15 dana

    Kinda like PS6 PRO 😁😁

  38. Edu D

    Edu DPrije 15 dana

    More like PS10 lol

  39. DJGamingSmash

    DJGamingSmashPrije 15 dana

    This and Pop Squad are why I can't be as mad as everyone else about how Season 2 turned out, truly beautiful. I really can appreciate all the work that must have gone into it and it left me in a state of awe. These two had everything, and I loved the variety everything else brought. Even though it was only half as long, I feel like this batch was stronger because these two episodes brought such a strong emotional core we never felt in that first volume.

  40. Drew Nielsen

    Drew NielsenPrije 15 dana

    This episode should be it's own movie and or series. My favorite one.

  41. Róbert Szabo

    Róbert SzaboPrije 15 dana

    The "realism" was exactly why I didn't like the episode. Why do you CGI real people? It must've been very very very difficult to make, but unnecessary. Same goes for all of the episodes with fake realism.

  42. Edu D

    Edu DPrije 15 dana

    Why not? Technology is at a point where we ask ourselves if it's real or not

  43. Cloud

    CloudPrije 15 dana

    S2 was a big step down from S1 imo, really only enjoyed this episode

  44. Charlo' Zammit

    Charlo' ZammitPrije 15 dana

    Best season 2 episode in my opinion

  45. True Leadership

    True LeadershipPrije 15 dana


  46. RatGirl44

    RatGirl44Prije 15 dana

    This was the episode from season 2 that I was wanting to be a full length movie. Loved it and it wanted more

  47. HYMN

    HYMNPrije 15 dana

    Does someone knows which studio is behind this episode? Thx!

  48. Entony Shm

    Entony ShmPrije 15 dana

    Thats so cool

  49. Aqua Juwel

    Aqua JuwelPrije 15 dana

    It’s a little bit scary almost that the technology is that good. When that is said, I hope they will make whole movies like this in the future.

  50. Fardeen

    FardeenPrije 16 dana

    I really believe that Netflix should focus more and should alot more resources to such content rather than their trashy coming of age romances. The genre of dystopia/thriller/mystery/mind-games/witty is still not tapped to the potential it pursues. There's whole lot of audience they can attract just by adding those sorts of shows, I can guarantee that. Black Mirror, I believe, has topped in that zone and so should other shows. So I really plead in some way to Netflix to be a revolutionary and bring in more shows like Black Mirror, Love, Death + Robots and so. Thank you

  51. izy pratama

    izy pratamaPrije 16 dana

    Watching this looks like playing PS5 on my reguler led tv 🤪

  52. Sim Simas

    Sim SimasPrije 16 dana

    Omg! I have loved Love Death and Robots for years. I am screaming from joy in my apartment! Yessssssss! Yes! Yes! Thank you, Netflix! Yessssss!

  53. Alan Nabors

    Alan NaborsPrije 16 dana

    The first season was better

  54. Captain Yung

    Captain YungPrije 16 dana

    My favorite episode by all means. But, was there no way to confirm that GnRH comes from hypothalamus, and Gonadotropins (FSH & LH) from pituitary and Testosterone from Testes. If the story book had that mistake, the show would have corrected it. It's so bad, when a Scifi doesn't follow science.

  55. Bobby

    BobbyPrije 16 dana

    The amount of work that goes behind this is very impressive 👏

  56. Stanville Brown

    Stanville BrownPrije 16 dana

    This would make a amazing show!

  57. ManuxTheKiller

    ManuxTheKillerPrije 16 dana

    The best episode of this volume.

  58. Lonely

    LonelyPrije 16 dana

    i wish they would make series out of some of them but knowing netflix they'd get cancelled later on

  59. Ghost711 G

    Ghost711 GPrije 16 dana

    I want movie made out of this series

  60. Jenny

    JennyPrije 16 dana

    The robot in the thumbnail looks like billie eilish

  61. Alessandro S. Marques

    Alessandro S. MarquesPrije 16 dana

    Would love to see a whole series of this. But I don't think this level of realism would be possible in a series with several 20-30 min long episodes.

  62. Curas1

    Curas1Prije 16 dana

    Zita Hanrot in Paul Sanchez est revenu ! (2018) This is the actress in this episode, SO worth it to look up.

  63. Darkbulb1

    Darkbulb1Prije 16 dana

    This was so beautiful!

  64. Gwhitty DaPrince

    Gwhitty DaPrincePrije 16 dana

    Literally the best ep of the season 💯🔥

  65. Self Confidence

    Self ConfidencePrije 16 dana

    God these stories are amazing

  66. Ancaroliveira

    AncaroliveiraPrije 16 dana


  67. dyrcosis

    dyrcosisPrije 16 dana

    This was my favorite episode of season 2. The story was interesting and engaging while the graphics fantastically fluid. I'd like more of this story or more set in the same universe.

  68. atom608

    atom608Prije 16 dana

    This along with the blade runner episode was probably one of my fav ones

  69. atom608

    atom608Prije 8 dana

    @Impulset0 The city design and flying cars reminded me alot more of the 1982 blade runner

  70. sunhawk

    sunhawkPrije 12 dana

    @Impulset0 Definitely. More Equilibrium/totalitarian vibe than Bladerunner/cyberpunk.

  71. Impulset0

    Impulset0Prije 12 dana

    I got more equilibrium vibes than blade runner

  72. atom608

    atom608Prije 16 dana

    @sunhawk it was called pop sqaud its episode 3

  73. sunhawk

    sunhawkPrije 16 dana

    What was that blade runner one called? I haven't watched them all yet.

  74. Mr. Lime

    Mr. LimePrije 16 dana

    Do a movie from this!

  75. Dominique Powell

    Dominique PowellPrije 16 dana

    Killer episode and it felt like I was watching a movie!

  76. PetetheCanuck

    PetetheCanuckPrije 16 dana

    Best episode of series 2

  77. Mikey TSP

    Mikey TSPPrije 16 dana

    I was BLOWN AWAY by these short films! Beautiful work, both stylistically and as far as the story telling goes ✨

  78. OverDev Modding

    OverDev ModdingPrije 16 dana

    great graphics as always but the story was like almost every other episode of the second season unimpressive

  79. Gemel Walters

    Gemel WaltersPrije 16 dana

    I was a bit bummed we didn't get a lot of 2D animation this volume but it couldn't have been easy to get these projects done during covid especially with global talent. Snow in the Desert was definitely a highlight and I'm still wondering if it's connected to Pop Squad since those people can extend their life which is why they wanted Snow in this episode.

  80. Seb Fitzgerald

    Seb FitzgeraldPrije 11 dana

    We'll probably see 2d animated stuff in the next volume

  81. Sub Zero

    Sub ZeroPrije 16 dana

    Snow in the desert should have their own series!

  82. Phillabong

    PhillabongPrije 4 dana

    Along with a lot of the episodes. That’s why I hate it and love it at the same time.. they give you a good enough story to make you want more but always leave you hanging 😭

  83. Eddie Lee

    Eddie LeePrije 16 dana

    I'd watch it 😱😍😅

  84. duduss azan

    duduss azanPrije 16 dana

    We need blackish on Netflix who agreed if u do comment put blackish on Netflix

  85. cirrus070

    cirrus070Prije 16 dana

    I dont know why this reminds me of Lost Odyssey the game. That game was one of its kind.

  86. MieHart

    MieHartPrije 16 dana

    I was thinking Blade Runner and Altered Carbon...

  87. Dwight Campbell

    Dwight CampbellPrije 16 dana

    This episode was impressive both visuals and story.

  88. Nins Mins

    Nins MinsPrije 11 sati

    The immortal balls were the best part of the story

  89. Sub Zero

    Sub ZeroPrije 16 dana

    The Best Episode for sure!

  90. Mahmoud Fekih

    Mahmoud FekihPrije 16 dana

    curious if they used UNREAL ENGINE 5 for this

  91. jmalmsten

    jmalmstenPrije 15 dana

    @Mahmoud Fekih If you want to see Unreal in the movie sets you can look at what Favreu has been doing in Mandalorian. The backgrounds that are on the ginormous Volume LED screens behind the actors in most shots are Unreal... Though I think they mostly have been using UE4 since UE5 is a bit too new and unpredictable as Ive understood it. Especially for when they shot S2. I'm guessing they'll have moved to UE5 for S3 or whatever the next flagship Volume production ends up being. So in general. Yes. Post-rendering will be preferable for a lot of occasions. But for live-action composites where the aim is to do as little post work as possible. Realtime rendering engines will pop up more and more as both hardware and software mature in the coming years. If the assets are ready during the shoot. Then it makes a lot of sense to use LED screens for stuff that used to be rear-projections and similar stuff. I'd love to see what could be done with an LED dome screen for miniature effects like was done extensively for the first two Terminator films.

  92. Mahmoud Fekih

    Mahmoud FekihPrije 16 dana

    @OverDev Modding heard UE developers have been trying to get into the movie industry for a while now and i thought maybe this is it

  93. OverDev Modding

    OverDev ModdingPrije 16 dana

    no why should they? UE only makes sense if you do something in real time. UE 5 looks great yes but it will not reach the realism of a proper offline rendered scene

  94. E.L.F

    E.L.FPrije 16 dana

    Mais tellement bien

  95. Batt Damon

    Batt DamonPrije 16 dana

    Really enjoyed the new series. Wish there were more!! Great job!!

  96. Vive Klouwer

    Vive KlouwerPrije 16 dana

    All the goore I needed 🥰

  97. Phantom

    PhantomPrije 16 dana

    this looks wow, what the hell.i must see it

  98. Tomeo

    TomeoPrije 16 dana

    Yes it's a must watch!! Did you see the first season? Whole series is amazing.

  99. Frames by Dennis

    Frames by DennisPrije 16 dana

    Get them nuts boys.

  100. #Dma

    #DmaPrije 16 dana

    Omg Yes my Type of show Yes I'll subscribe again to Netflix to watch

  101. ErgosProxy

    ErgosProxyPrije 16 dana

    Definitely had some moments of "is that real or no" while watching this.

  102. Raging Kid

    Raging KidPrije 12 dana

    Ikr they should apply this CGI tech to more films

  103. statut watssap.instagram

    statut watssap.instagramPrije 15 dana

    Pleas gave me account Netflix

  104. John Lakeman

    John LakemanPrije 16 dana

    Should be it's own show.

  105. Eddie Lee

    Eddie LeePrije 16 dana

    I'd watch it ✋🤭😌

  106. Dominique Powell

    Dominique PowellPrije 16 dana

    Hell yeah

  107. Vive Klouwer

    Vive KlouwerPrije 16 dana

    Yes definit YES



    Wow should someone call marvel

  109. Wesley Mons

    Wesley MonsPrije 16 dana

    best one of the season!!!

  110. McCracken

    McCrackenPrije 16 dana

    too bad this season was terrible...

  111. OverDev Modding

    OverDev ModdingPrije 16 dana

    it was okay but yes it was worse compared season 1

  112. Crow Chief

    Crow ChiefPrije 16 dana

    I agree it was bad

  113. Theodore

    TheodorePrije 16 dana

    @McCracken It all felt too rushed, and when compared to the first season it definitely left me wanting more. Visually it was exceptional, I agree. Forgettable stories and characters. Only 8 episodes too, that irked me as well.

  114. McCracken

    McCrackenPrije 16 dana

    @Theodore the story's where boring and there was little to no action. The animation was excellent but other than it looking good there was no substance.

  115. Theodore

    TheodorePrije 16 dana

    Besides the very few episodes, im curious why you thought it was so terrible.

  116. Emmanuel L

    Emmanuel LPrije 16 dana

    This is the one that confused me because I thought it was real people

  117. Britney

    BritneyPrije 16 dana


  118. Johnny W

    Johnny WPrije 16 dana

    This would make a great gaming concept.

  119. Liberatus Blair

    Liberatus BlairPrije 16 dana

    Kinda looks like beyond good&evil 2

  120. Argonaut Fleece

    Argonaut FleecePrije 16 dana

    Look up Hell Blade

  121. Vive Klouwer

    Vive KlouwerPrije 16 dana

    Yes yes yes yes

  122. Caden Bagasao

    Caden BagasaoPrije 16 dana

    Awesome Job Maxime Luere!!

  123. The Joker

    The JokerPrije 16 dana

    Give us more

  124. Majo Cuellar

    Majo CuellarPrije 16 dana

    The 3rd season comes out on 2022

  125. Iceygavi

    IceygaviPrije 16 dana

    as they shoulddd😩😩