Queer Eye | Sowing Seeds of Connection with the Fab Five | Netflix

The Emmy®-nominated hosts of Queer Eye relieve some of their favorite moments from past seasons including season 5 filmed in Philadelphia. Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness reunite at the season 6 loft in Austin to reminisce on life changes and the unforgettable heroes who have appeared on the Netflix reality series.

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Queer Eye | Sowing Seeds of Connection with the Fab Five | Netflix

The Fab Five head to historic Philadelphia to make over a new cast of everyday heroes, from a hardworking DJ to a struggling dog groomer.


  1. thecheeryone

    thecheeryonePrije sat

    I love that they love and mentioned Schitts Creek

  2. Roxanne K

    Roxanne KPrije 6 sati

    when is it dropping?????!!!!! ((so happy but now please)

  3. Chris Brownlee

    Chris BrownleePrije 7 sati


  4. Lacie Boydston

    Lacie BoydstonPrije dan

    How are they all so beautiful?? Like ?!

  5. P A Leggett

    P A LeggettPrije 2 dana

    Much Love lifted for you all❣️ Season 6 shall be immensely anticipated ‼️

  6. Devika Dutta

    Devika DuttaPrije 2 dana

    It's so nice of Tan to acknowledge the situation in India due to Covid.

  7. Yan Zhu

    Yan ZhuPrije 2 dana

    I love the contrast between the misty rain outside and the warmth inside.

  8. charlotte c

    charlotte cPrije 2 dana

    Why does jvn look like a hungover flamingo

  9. John Daryl Ocampo

    John Daryl OcampoPrije 2 dana

    OMG IM SO EXCITED for season 6!!!!!

  10. A. Brice

    A. BricePrije 2 dana

    I missed Jonathan's historical pop culture narrations. lol

  11. A. Brice

    A. BricePrije 2 dana

    YES!!!! Finally back in action. So happy to see you again.

  12. Jessie Denbow Lewis

    Jessie Denbow LewisPrije 4 dana

    The world needs 200 more seasons of QE!!!!

  13. gumsguey

    gumsgueyPrije 4 dana

    Can't believe they haven't had a bisexual hero yet.... they've done L, G and T, but not B

  14. Louke Loukalicious

    Louke LoukaliciousPrije 4 dana

    True ❤️💜💙 things do keep getting better with you on the case 😘

  15. Courtney Stewart

    Courtney StewartPrije 4 dana

    I absolutely love how much this show promotes love, connection, acceptance, and celebration of humanity and fulfilled lives!!

  16. あたおかのかぴかっぴ

    あたおかのかぴかっぴPrije 4 dana

    Looking forward to watching the next series! Love from Japan

  17. Pinar Kusdemir

    Pinar KusdemirPrije 5 dana

    missed u Guys

  18. A C

    A CPrije 5 dana

    I wish karamo spoke more, sending him love 💕 his closing comments brought me so much grounding

  19. teelites

    teelitesPrije 5 dana

    I’ve missed them so much! This video made me soooo excited for the episodes to come. I will always need and want more Queer Eye in my life. 🥰 Also so happy to see my dream cuddle puddle back in the same room together. ❤️

  20. Ronald Cszar Villano

    Ronald Cszar VillanoPrije 5 dana

    Been waiting for a new season of Queer Eye for more than a year. I can't wait for season 6.❤❤❤

  21. audrey04021

    audrey04021Prije 6 dana

    Let's hear it for that camera work in this video. Push, pull, zoom, pan. Live and very good. Yay!

  22. Jaclyn Tan

    Jaclyn TanPrije 6 dana

    miss you guys so much! can't believe its season 6 already!!! wowwww

  23. Joanne Berlin

    Joanne BerlinPrije 6 dana

    I missed you guys so much! Looking forward to a new season of queer eye!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Lots of love from Berlin!

  24. Moesha Hope

    Moesha HopePrije 6 dana

    I'm gonna come back to this and recreate the salad

  25. saki7saki

    saki7sakiPrije 6 dana

    They are the people the world needs!!!! People needs to hear them!!! Ohhhhh I missed them so f**king much!!!!!!!!

  26. MissAlmondEyes91

    MissAlmondEyes91Prije 6 dana

    Please please please do a season in The Philippines!

  27. Anna G

    Anna GPrije 7 dana

    Please come back! I'm ready! We are ready ⚡💖💖💖💖💖

  28. Billie Buagas

    Billie BuagasPrije 7 dana

    Aweee I missssss them!!!!😭

  29. pytl9

    pytl9Prije 7 dana

    Interesting what they said that we need them now more than ever. When the first Queer Eye came out, they did a lot to advance the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of ignorance, fear, and hatred of LGBTQ+ people, as well as of people of color. We really do need QE more than ever. I am so glad that they are filming a new season. These five people are some of my favorite people!

  30. Aysia Husby

    Aysia HusbyPrije 7 dana

    I'm so happy that you're all back! I've missed you so much! I was worried that you weren't coming back. I binged the crud out of y'all! Congratulations to all of you on your own personal growth last year! That's Amazing!

  31. kkgetofftheinternet

    kkgetofftheinternetPrije 7 dana

    Did not realize how much I missed these guys until right now! I needed their positive energy in my life.

  32. Elliot Holloway-Dowd

    Elliot Holloway-DowdPrije 7 dana

    To the 92 people who watched this and disliked it.. did y'all not know what the Fab 5 are about? Cuz.. this is kind of them. What ya see is what ya get, so go on and buck politely off. 😁✨

  33. Natália Assis

    Natália AssisPrije 7 dana

    I love these 5 people so much that I feel like they are my real friends ♥

  34. Katheryn Womack

    Katheryn WomackPrije 7 dana

    I love you all so much! This makes me sooooo happy!

  35. Jenny C

    Jenny CPrije 7 dana

    So GREAT to see you!!! Thanks for all you have done, and all you will do.🙏♥️

  36. Sarit Shull

    Sarit ShullPrije 7 dana

    Queer Eye brings so much joy that it reaches me all the way down here in South Africa. Can't wait to watch S6!

  37. Jeovanna R

    Jeovanna RPrije 7 dana

    Karamo- "Watch out texas!" moment had me dying lol

  38. SheSha H

    SheSha HPrije 7 dana

    Omg how I have missed these lovely guys!

  39. Sindhu3004

    Sindhu3004Prije 7 dana

    Them being so confused about when and where and what they were nominated for, but remembering the exact day they saw their billboards had me laughing.

  40. Poppyseed

    PoppyseedPrije 5 dana

    That's so funny, I laughed at that too

  41. Sindhu3004

    Sindhu3004Prije 7 dana

    You do bring us hope and joy! I'm crying. I love you all.

  42. esto pesto

    esto pestoPrije 8 dana

    I love that these humans exist ❤

  43. Monserrat Irazoqui

    Monserrat IrazoquiPrije 8 dana

    Come to Mexico next!

  44. Meara Joy Norice

    Meara Joy NoricePrije 8 dana

    One of the most valuable awarenesses that I believe we need to address is grieving for that which is lost as well as PTSD for the challenges & opportunities to transform. We need nurturing and tenderness. So looking forward to modeling of caring connection you all give so open & freely! Authentic…..bravo!

  45. pink0902f1

    pink0902f1Prije 8 dana

    OMG i needed you guys during lockdown and glad now back!

  46. Brandy Toutant

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  47. giantjungle

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  48. Amaryllis *

    Amaryllis *Prije 8 dana


  49. Laura Harman

    Laura HarmanPrije 8 dana

    Oops congrats on being non-binary… sorry I stuck my own head up my arse, Jonathan. Lol! So much love, dah-ling!!! 😊

  50. Laura Harman

    Laura HarmanPrije 8 dana

    Love you boys! Happy Pride Month and congratulations on all of your success! Much love. 💖🙏🏳️‍🌈🎉💋✌️

  51. Samantha Thompson

    Samantha ThompsonPrije 8 dana

    I love this! Absolutely love each and every one of them. Crying tears of hope and joy.

  52. Patricia H

    Patricia HPrije 8 dana


  53. Heidster

    HeidsterPrije 8 dana

    I can't believe Tan thought it was over ... you guys are the best! Please never stop, I have re-watched the seasons because it makes me feel good and is good for my mental health

  54. FocusedVoices

    FocusedVoicesPrije 8 dana


  55. Oliwia W.

    Oliwia W.Prije 8 dana

    Ahhhh!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Ray Ray

    Ray RayPrije 8 dana


  57. David Rhee

    David RheePrije 8 dana

    Putting it out there Netflix: what about a make over for each other in the fab five? There’s been break ups, JVN and his openness about having AIDS, Antoni doesn’t talk to his mom, etc. Seems like there’d be a lot of great ground to cover.

  58. נעמה ירושלמי

    נעמה ירושלמיPrije 8 dana

    Tan: I became an American citizen! Me: oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, my condolences

  59. Arden Reimer

    Arden ReimerPrije 9 dana

    I can’t help but look at Karamo when I’m watching this. Sending him warm positive energy

  60. - stream in a dream -

    - stream in a dream -Prije 9 dana

    theSE BABESS!!!!

  61. Fernando Galeano

    Fernando GaleanoPrije 9 dana


  62. Fleetwood M

    Fleetwood MPrije 9 dana

    Just keep doing what you're doing. 💗

  63. conz6th

    conz6thPrije 9 dana

    They are kindred spirits. Same level headed talented people. More than anything, you can see the genuine friendship they have for each other. :)

  64. Elizabeth Thomas

    Elizabeth ThomasPrije 9 dana

    And all our anxiety levels dropped just a tiny bit watching this prelude to season 6..... aaaaahhhh.

  65. Tiffany Olson

    Tiffany OlsonPrije 9 dana

    The world definitely needs Queer Eye.

  66. KFangirl4

    KFangirl4Prije 9 dana

    Fab Five, please help us flip Texas blue!!!

  67. Natasha Rees

    Natasha ReesPrije 9 dana

    I am loving the conversation guys. You guys are beautiful

  68. Mr. Dancin' Machine

    Mr. Dancin' MachinePrije 9 dana

    Jonathan reminded me of Fred Flintstone in the get up. I'll be glad when the next season comes out.

  69. Sheila Montalvo

    Sheila MontalvoPrije 9 dana

    I've missed them so much!! The last few seasons were so special and profound that I expect nothing less from them. We need joy, love and laughter! Great show, great team, great producers!

  70. Purple Passion

    Purple PassionPrije 9 dana

    I love the Fab Five and I thank them for the joy they've brought to my life!

  71. Ana

    AnaPrije 9 dana


  72. Río Rodríguez

    Río RodríguezPrije 9 dana

    this is so organic happy pride, QE and chat!

  73. Eveline Leite

    Eveline LeitePrije 9 dana

    I've missed them soooo much! Can't wait for season 6!

  74. Veronika Miškejová

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  75. Adrienne Lui

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  76. phoenixmoon3

    phoenixmoon3Prije 10 dana

    Love them. I’m so excited to see them back again.

  77. Mr. A.

    Mr. A.Prije 10 dana

    QE! Desperately needs to be on daily. When Ellen leaves this is the genius concept. You literally could have a daily talk show showcasing each QE lead talent. Ugh I miss them. Thank you Netflix for posting this

  78. Marla

    MarlaPrije 10 dana

    OMG, YAAASSS!!! The world does need more Queer Eye!!!❤️💜💙💚💛🧡💖

  79. manystar

    manystarPrije 10 dana

    Jonathan is slowly descending into Muppet madness

  80. OrlaAdAstra

    OrlaAdAstraPrije 10 dana

    Surrogacy harms women and children.

  81. Juan Rozo

    Juan RozoPrije 10 dana

    I hope one day you do a season in Latinamerica in any country. Our region really need the love and learning you provide to end the hate. I hope it is Colombia

  82. Tulpen23

    Tulpen23Prije 10 dana

    Bobby's hair looks fantastic

  83. Raquel C. C.

    Raquel C. C.Prije 10 dana

    Yes, the world definitely needs Queer eye back! ❤️💜💙💚💛🧡🤎🖤

  84. Mlle Ines

    Mlle InesPrije 10 dana

    Jonathan giving a little digital hug to all single people made me so happy, I appreciate this lovely soul so much

  85. Bryce Dumas

    Bryce DumasPrije 10 dana

    Jonathon stole Bob the drag queens wig

  86. Worn

    WornPrije 10 dana

    I’ve been hopeful 🙏🏽 You all do so much good!

  87. J C

    J CPrije 10 dana

    Come to the UK please!

  88. Laura Rubio

    Laura RubioPrije 10 dana

    This makes me happy!!! I love them ALL 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃

  89. Julie Trujillo

    Julie TrujilloPrije 11 dana

    Oh, Karamo! I dearly hope your presence here turns Texas blue! Do your magic, please!!!

  90. Kelsey Smith

    Kelsey SmithPrije 11 dana

    Ahhhhh watching this made me feel so good knowing a new season is coming! I love you guys so much and love everything you stand for and represent! I hope all of you stay with us for a long time because we need you! ❤️❤️

  91. rgncajun21

    rgncajun21Prije 11 dana

    For some reason the rain In The background made this scene more lovely

  92. G S

    G SPrije 11 dana

    One of or maybe THE ONLY show that makes me CRY with tears of joy💖💖💖 Netflix created MAGIC with these FABULOUS 5!!!!!! Really the show and the cast is amazing! Season 6,7,8,910 puhleasaassseeee

  93. Erica Street

    Erica StreetPrije 11 dana

    Bobby Berk is my fave. Just, I want to be his mentee. I want to feel his energy. I want to have coffee with him. In perpetuity.

  94. Elisabeth DeSwart

    Elisabeth DeSwartPrije 11 dana

    This makes me SOOOOOO HAPPY!

  95. Milena V.A

    Milena V.APrije 11 dana

    Bobby’s hair is lit 🔥 🔥

  96. peaches_and_ plums

    peaches_and_ plumsPrije 11 dana

    Omg I adore them all 😍😍😍

  97. ueblay

    ueblayPrije 11 dana

    Could you please make this accessible to the deaf and HOH community, as well as people who have sensory processing issues, by adding subtitles? I would love to like this but I can't understand anything that JVN is saying.

  98. ueblay

    ueblayPrije 9 dana

    @Juliette FANTASTIC

  99. Juliette

    JuliettePrije 9 dana

    Subtitles are available now :)

  100. ueblay

    ueblayPrije 10 dana

    @SunnySideup2012 hard of hearing

  101. Inversionary

    InversionaryPrije 10 dana

    @SunnySideup2012 hard of hearing?

  102. SunnySideup2012

    SunnySideup2012Prije 10 dana

    What is HOH

  103. Shannon

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  104. Meg’s acting

    Meg’s actingPrije 11 dana

    I love this show can’t wait for season 6

  105. Bella Mocellin

    Bella MocellinPrije 11 dana

    I could use a daily dose of QE, but I'm more than happy with a new season!

  106. cay S

    cay SPrije 11 dana

    We need to know more about these hook ponytails Jonathan🙏🏻

  107. cay S

    cay SPrije 10 dana

    Thanks girl!

  108. Natalia

    NataliaPrije 11 dana

    I've seen them online with the name "hair bungee" 👍🏼🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  109. Natalia

    NataliaPrije 11 dana

    They're quite easy to find in professional hair/beauty stores, I think they're called ponytail hooks!😊