Lucifer | Season 5 Bloopers | Netflix

The devil is in the details. And sometimes the details get a bit messed up. Enjoy this collection of bloopers from Lucifer Season 5.

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Lucifer | Season 5 Bloopers | Netflix

Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.


  1. nitro gamer ken

    nitro gamer kenPrije 15 sati

    "Go back to hell...traitor" "F^ck you. Gandalf" 😂😂😂😂

  2. jason sherman

    jason shermanPrije dan

    2:20 is the best

  3. Abhishek Joshi

    Abhishek JoshiPrije dan

    Lauren German: opposite in real life Tom Ellis: Similar in real life Aimee Garcia: Exactly same in real life 😁😁

  4. Levi Blum

    Levi BlumPrije dan

    1:03 Lucifer: “Your auditioning for Aquaman 2” This part killed me 😂

  5. Anne Saint-Laurent

    Anne Saint-LaurentPrije dan

    the tension between lauren and kevin loll

  6. Vissanu Rimpisorn

    Vissanu RimpisornPrije dan

    I kinda like this scene f you gandalf

  7. nitro gamer ken

    nitro gamer kenPrije dan

    3:08 🖒😃 funny face

  8. sdbiududui dshsjsiu

    sdbiududui dshsjsiuPrije 2 dana

    We need more of Lucifer It ended horribly ;(

  9. Mazikeen

    MazikeenPrije 2 dana


  10. Ishaq Razaak

    Ishaq RazaakPrije 3 dana


  11. Mr. Jamal

    Mr. JamalPrije 3 dana

    Daaamn u just ruined my favorite TV show ! The whole 5th season is a crap ! Lucifer was doing great with Fox till u ruined it, and involving Lucifer's father didn't work in its favour. Still you didn't come up to the main issue lucifer had with his father. This season was all about his father's resignation.

  12. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 2 dana

    @Mr. Jamal Don't get me wrong, obviously everyone has their own opinion but I believe that to date Netflix has not ruined anything, we have to have knowledge of certain things to realize that everything is built into a plan from the beginning. If you don't like season 5 okay it's up to you, I think it's a pity but it's your decision pal

  13. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 2 dana

    @Mr. Jamal there was an easter egg in 4x09 when Amenadiel and Linda were talking about a name for the baby, Linda said "Michael" but Amenadiel said something like No, Not Michael it was a discreet reference that only few can notice but in short Michael was in the plan just like everything else in season 5

  14. Mr. Jamal

    Mr. JamalPrije 2 dana

    @Lisa Moren Anyway, if u like season 5 I do respect that But we aren't supposed to think similarly 🙄

  15. Mr. Jamal

    Mr. JamalPrije 2 dana

    @Lisa Moren Micheal appeared in season 4 ? When?

  16. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 2 dana

    @Mr. Jamal I don't think that, everything follows its line even we knew about Michael since season 4 I don't know where the mess is with Season 5?

  17. Karolina

    KarolinaPrije 3 dana


  18. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarPrije 3 dana

    I want Lucifer season 7

  19. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarPrije 3 dana

    I want Lucifer season 7

  20. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarPrije 3 dana

    We want Lucifer season 7

  21. Alia Guerin

    Alia GuerinPrije 3 dana

    Dayum they swearing like sailors on leave:)

  22. Family PhoneTv

    Family PhoneTvPrije 3 dana

    What was the last line? I couldn't get it!!😢


    DYNAMITAEPrije 3 dana

    Wait is there no new season wtf!? I want more!

  24. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 3 dana

    Season 6 will be the last one

  25. AlwaysX Lucifer

    AlwaysX LuciferPrije 4 dana


  26. Hope DreamHowl

    Hope DreamHowlPrije 4 dana

    1:29 - Tom looks like a puppy here omg!! Love him

  27. Elysecia McGowan

    Elysecia McGowanPrije 5 dana

    Oh shit that's not good

  28. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 4 dana


  29. Manuel, Orlando, Martinez Manuel, Orlando, Martinez

    Manuel, Orlando, Martinez Manuel, Orlando, MartinezPrije 5 dana

    Hi say luficitas, loo, feh, Cee, tee ,ahs, I remember where I was in heaven I remember asking to be born by the end of days and I fell into the dish with the boy and and older man on Olympus, I remember ice age and if I return to the same spot I can jump back to Japan but that means this world's at a loss, and I remember almost build the temple of Solomon in front of the Sandia mountains and told to get out of my dreams so when was the last time you guys been to the dream factory.

  30. Dinorah Kertis

    Dinorah KertisPrije 5 dana

    The hateful internet intralysosomally unpack because camp dewailly bolt sans a kaput hail. hurt, earsplitting beet

  31. Lisa Moren

    Lisa MorenPrije 4 dana


  32. Delilah Scott

    Delilah ScottPrije 5 dana

    The fact that he went- “it’s Lauren’s it’s vodka-“ and his face said “NOPE”

  33. Studiosmediamilk

    StudiosmediamilkPrije 5 dana

    You guys should actually make an episode where for some reason (you can pull it off, you've got the talent) Chloe plays Lucifer (Lucinda :3) and Tom plays the detective e.e We would love to watch it ^^

  34. Mermaid Soul

    Mermaid SoulPrije 6 dana

    I need more of this!!!!

  35. FireGods Games

    FireGods GamesPrije 6 dana

    2:39 If only they did it.

  36. Maulana Alan

    Maulana AlanPrije 6 dana

    even the god doesnt have any bloopers

  37. skybluepainter

    skybluepainterPrije 6 dana

    When sex gets brought into a show, you get this. There so comfortable with this they literally just lessed out for no reason! Too funny!

  38. Priyantha Withanage

    Priyantha WithanagePrije 6 dana

    Aquamen 2

  39. AquaZombie

    AquaZombiePrije 6 dana

    Just finished it and I cried so hard when Dan died

  40. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarPrije 6 dana

    I am a devil of my world 👿😈🌎


    DOMINIQUE EDENPrije 6 dana

    Thank you Elsie 💀

  42. carmen

    carmenPrije 6 dana


  43. B T

    B TPrije 7 dana

    Lucifer is a northamerican show i thinmk

  44. Kezia Kristianti

    Kezia KristiantiPrije 7 dana

    Need more of Lauren German’s bloopers, NETFLIX!!!!

  45. Cheree Porter

    Cheree PorterPrije 7 dana

    This made me so happy. Thank you,

  46. Rujal Doshi

    Rujal DoshiPrije 7 dana

    What if lucifer comes in India man I wonder it would be so fun I am on s3

  47. Rocky Spates

    Rocky SpatesPrije 7 dana

    I feel like every episode should end of them showing them messing up

  48. Strive Buddy

    Strive BuddyPrije 7 dana

    2:17 Tom Ellis reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Akshay

    AkshayPrije 7 dana


  50. KingFishy492

    KingFishy492Prije 7 dana

    These bloopers are dam near as good as supernatural's were and i love it

  51. Sofia Bosisio

    Sofia BosisioPrije 7 dana


  52. Elinoor

    ElinoorPrije 7 dana





  54. Wiktor Ackerman

    Wiktor AckermanPrije 7 dana


  55. watex

    watexPrije 7 dana

    Lucifer seems Lucifer

  56. Sunni Corran

    Sunni CorranPrije 7 dana

    Tom: Let's have sex again. You on top this time. Lauren: You on top. Tom: Me on top? For fucks sake. Roflmao.

  57. BennyG

    BennyGPrije 7 dana

    kurv xD

  58. Alia Guerin

    Alia GuerinPrije 7 dana

    Its a wonder this series came to be, with al the jokes and bloopers these guys made during shooting.

  59. JoJo Danielle

    JoJo DaniellePrije 7 dana

    it’s Lauren struggling to open the door for me 0:23 LMFAOOO 😭.

  60. TheRickening

    TheRickeningPrije 7 dana

    Who would've thought that the bloopers for this show would be random alcoholism, inappropriate jokes, ALL the innuendos and everyone making pop culture references? Everyone. EVER.

  61. Casi

    CasiPrije 8 dana


  62. Kev's Digital arts & more

    Kev's Digital arts & morePrije 8 dana

    3:24 is my fave

  63. Ajith Kumar

    Ajith KumarPrije 8 dana

    Please make tamil dubbing....

  64. Ryza Raine

    Ryza RainePrije 8 dana

    Cenred is indeed true beauty

  65. TkSharma

    TkSharmaPrije 8 dana


  66. trippy allison

    trippy allisonPrije 8 dana

    lauren out here trying to make out with everyone. I'm here for it.

  67. magnificentaa

    magnificentaaPrije 8 dana

    2:18 Lucifer look what deniel is doing

  68. Sudip Bain

    Sudip BainPrije 8 dana

    When Come Part 6..?

  69. D'Artagnan Alyxzander GameFanatic

    D'Artagnan Alyxzander GameFanaticPrije 8 dana

    I am now 100% sure the film studio is just an orgy hangout

  70. Darshan Devarajan

    Darshan DevarajanPrije 8 dana

    Love or hate a show, you'll always love the blooper reel.

  71. Neha Exotic Arts

    Neha Exotic ArtsPrije 8 dana

    It's fun😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. bagya Aluthge

    bagya AluthgePrije 8 dana

    Fuc* you Gandalf😂

  73. Sethulakshmy ES

    Sethulakshmy ESPrije 8 dana

    Me watching conjuring devil made me do it: "but devil was nice in Lucifer!"

  74. Emi_xly08

    Emi_xly08Prije 8 dana

    2:28 you all saw that too right?😀 im screaming

  75. Chainsaw 167

    Chainsaw 167Prije 8 dana

    The bloopers are better than the actual season.

  76. Swapnil Dharu

    Swapnil DharuPrije 8 dana


  77. Beelzebub Komseda

    Beelzebub KomsedaPrije 8 dana

    It was very happy and glee like, the part 2 of season 5. I totally hated it.

  78. Ha Hatdog

    Ha HatdogPrije 8 dana

    NGL I thought Gag Reel was one of Lucifer's brothers that didnt make it on the final edit of the series

  79. Farrin Zunaina

    Farrin ZunainaPrije 8 dana

    Gagriel, angel sorry what was my line again?

  80. Sika

    SikaPrije 8 dana

    I'm Watching a bloopers to a show I never watch a single episode to lol

  81. Grace Hampton

    Grace HamptonPrije 9 dana

    I want to watch but I don’t want to watch I hate spoilers I need to get drunk for this

  82. Broken Frame _

    Broken Frame _Prije 9 dana

    I've watched all the season already

  83. Sofia Zamora

    Sofia ZamoraPrije 9 dana

    the way they just randomly lick each other

  84. Brenda M

    Brenda MPrije 9 dana

    Lauren is the real lucifer irl. I love her

  85. Viharika J

    Viharika JPrije 9 dana

    alternative title: Lauren German seducing everybody for 3 mins 40 secs

  86. Briana Redsicker

    Briana RedsickerPrije 9 dana

    Lauren and lesley in the last minute 😭☠️

  87. Tyler Williams

    Tyler WilliamsPrije 9 dana

    So this is how Covid spread xD

  88. Muta is my puta

    Muta is my putaPrije 9 dana

    it's so weird to hear Tom Ellis swear lmfao!

  89. Elham Halabi

    Elham HalabiPrije 9 dana

    So it turns out that Chloe is truly a bi😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Vini grae

    Vini graePrije 9 dana

    That Aquaman 2 joke is the BEST here 😂😂

  91. Mr Right ZM

    Mr Right ZMPrije 9 dana

    2:30 is a spin off I'm waiting for😂😂😂

  92. Sara Colavito

    Sara ColavitoPrije 9 dana

    I wanna work with them

  93. anna debernardis

    anna debernardisPrije 9 dana

    ok but why does Lauren try to make out with everyone? 😂😂😅 i love her so much

  94. Jotaxxd

    JotaxxdPrije 9 dana


  95. Hope DreamHowl

    Hope DreamHowlPrije 9 dana

    2:40 - That would have been interesting... LMAO Kevin was so ready 😂

  96. tyson c

    tyson cPrije 9 dana

    its a great show i both hope thiers a season 6 and that they dont just keep the show going and turn it into what spongebob has become a husk of its former self

  97. SlayerzGaming

    SlayerzGamingPrije 9 dana

    "FU*K you gandalf" The best one yet!

  98. Franz Cruz

    Franz CruzPrije 9 dana

    "Go back to hell, Traitor" "f*ck you Gandalf" 😂😂😂

  99. NikijZ

    NikijZPrije 9 dana

    What was that between Leslie and Lauren??🥵🥵🥵

  100. Somya Roy

    Somya RoyPrije 9 dana

    So we're gonna ignore the "crime solving devil , It makes sense " 😃✋

  101. Michal Gold

    Michal GoldPrije 9 dana

    F*ck you Gandalf :D :D :D

  102. Silvia

    SilviaPrije 9 dana


  103. Ishika Debnath

    Ishika DebnathPrije 9 dana

    Lauren is my spirit animal.😂😌✨

  104. M Behera

    M BeheraPrije 9 dana

    Everybody showing how long their tongue is.

  105. oovoo javer

    oovoo javerPrije 9 dana


  106. Aziza King

    Aziza KingPrije 9 dana

    This is proof that this cast is a mid-size group of children.

  107. Barzin Lotfabadi

    Barzin LotfabadiPrije 9 dana

    Come on Lucifer, B-roll is not the same thing as a blooper, you've only had thousands of years on earth to learn this!!

  108. Elizabeth

    ElizabethPrije 9 dana

    OMG the tongue part between Lauren and Lesley was making me laugh so hard

  109. blood incantation

    blood incantationPrije 9 dana

    Yeah we're gonna hide the pork sword for sure Lmao