Last Summer | Trailer | Netflix

The summer when you had your first love is different from all summers. Last Summer directed by Ozan Açıktan will be only on Netflix, July 9th.


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Last Summer | Trailer | Netflix

During summer vacation in a beachside town, 16-year-old Deniz seeks the affection of his childhood crush and navigates a love triangle.


  1. liz8129

    liz8129Prije 10 sati

    Someone please tell me the song that plays in this trailer (the outro)



    not here for straight romance honestly.

  3. Illes Samuel Tolgyes

    Illes Samuel TolgyesPrije 2 dana

    this is so boring just give us money heist s5 and stranger things s4 already

  4. Aymen Hashmat

    Aymen HashmatPrije 2 dana

    another summertime remake...

  5. Ziaur Rahman

    Ziaur RahmanPrije 2 dana

    so how much color do you want ? NETFLIX : YES

  6. Shira yuki

    Shira yukiPrije 3 dana


  7. jupiter

    jupiterPrije 5 dana


  8. Gülben

    GülbenPrije 5 dana

    why does everyone think this movie looks like 'call me by your name’?? Im confused, i didn't see too much similarity except pool and summer🤨

  9. Gülben

    GülbenPrije 19 sati

    @Laverna Asteria exactly👍

  10. Laverna Asteria

    Laverna AsteriaPrije dan

    I know, right, like I never seen the "gay" anywhere over the entire clip.

  11. IMRAN AHMAD Khan

    IMRAN AHMAD KhanPrije 6 dana

    so boring... i thought there'll be gay guy stuff... straight love is so last century .. YAWWWWWWNNNNNN

  12. mayario

    mayarioPrije 7 dana

    Just another movie where the big event is a guy "winning" another woman...

  13. praachi saini

    praachi sainiPrije 3 dana

    I am seriously bored of the plotline being overused like the sole of an old slipper or shoes.

  14. Zero Ren

    Zero RenPrije 7 dana

    my gay ass waiting for the guys to kiss 😂

  15. purple sky

    purple skyPrije 9 dana

    Oha lan Türkçe mi

  16. Team

    TeamPrije 9 dana

    Bizim dizimizzzz sjsjsjsjsjsjs

  17. PhantomMatrix

    PhantomMatrixPrije 10 dana

    The prequel to I know what you did last summer? 😂

  18. Musa Noah

    Musa NoahPrije 10 dana


  19. MercedesKatty

    MercedesKattyPrije 10 dana

    Now they have in Turkey two Last Summer (Son Yaz) 😆

  20. Iona

    IonaPrije 10 dana

    ahahahahsh yessss

  21. anne Olando

    anne OlandoPrije 10 dana

    Love 101 season 2

  22. Washington Batista

    Washington BatistaPrije 11 dana


  23. Alexander Catalan

    Alexander CatalanPrije 11 dana

    i really wished this was a slasher film.

  24. mariegold

    mariegoldPrije 12 dana

    I’m here for all the Summer movies/series when rainy season is just beginning here 😂😂

  25. Ramon Cole

    Ramon ColePrije 12 dana

    He's like my brother. oh damn xD

  26. Maroof Syed

    Maroof SyedPrije 12 dana

    0:49 Every guy felt his pain.

  27. kathrine ahmed

    kathrine ahmedPrije 2 dana

    Girls feel the pain too😞

  28. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 12 dana

    thats sad :(

  29. BlueColeman

    BlueColemanPrije 12 dana

    Don't @ me, but for me personally it's nice to see a trailer with no LGBTQ+ characters, and I say that being a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. I just feel like every show includes LGBTQ+ individuals in a very forced way.

  30. BlueColeman

    BlueColemanPrije 9 dana

    @Kez trust me I have

  31. Kez

    KezPrije 10 dana

    then you haven't seen good shows.

  32. Hour of the stars

    Hour of the starsPrije 12 dana

    Like my brother 😂😂

  33. Mark S

    Mark SPrije 12 dana

    yawn. done loads of times

  34. Aiswarya Bersan

    Aiswarya BersanPrije 13 dana

    How many movies have the title summer?

  35. lisa sweet

    lisa sweetPrije 13 dana

    Same movie... different language

  36. elway2k

    elway2kPrije 13 dana

    If I wanted to read I would buy the audio book

  37. Tammie Page

    Tammie PagePrije 10 dana

    Well it’s because it’s in another Language and some people don’t know that language so we would like to read what it says so I don’t get a chance to watch the movie to

  38. George Chico

    George ChicoPrije 13 dana

    How is this a Turkish version of call me by my name??

  39. Vincy Pizzuto

    Vincy PizzutoPrije 13 dana

    Pls do a new season of Daybreak 😭

  40. Ben ölüyüm

    Ben ölüyümPrije 13 dana

    Call me by your name turkish verision ?

  41. dm dm

    dm dmPrije 13 dana

    Why use a misleading title for this? The english one? Do I sense some kind of guilt? Some kind of inadequacy? Some kind of effort into luring people into watching this under false pretenses? Pass...

  42. Александр Панасенко

    Александр ПанасенкоPrije 13 dana

    simp summer

  43. Thandie

    ThandiePrije 13 dana

    The girl looks so much like Shira Haas!

  44. quitesiger

    quitesigerPrije 13 dana

    Turkish broZoned

  45. Master Yoda

    Master YodaPrije 13 dana

    Turkish language is so awful lmao

  46. Master Yoda

    Master YodaPrije 12 dana

    @Mete Çamlı ye to me too

  47. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 12 dana

    @Master Yoda french german polish seems rude to me too

  48. Master Yoda

    Master YodaPrije 12 dana

    @Mete Çamlı polite? Lmao nah i don't think so for me it sounds very aggressive. But everyone got there own taste.

  49. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana

    I think the Turkish language is a very polite language.

  50. Master Yoda

    Master YodaPrije 13 dana

    @Beren G idk it just sounds so aggressive and I really don't like it.

  51. Leon Besa

    Leon BesaPrije 13 dana

    *This can’t be last summer, right?*

  52. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 12 dana

    yes but this is Turkish version.

  53. lil cat

    lil catPrije 13 dana

    Looking good I'll definitely watch it 😊

  54. Amara Winchester

    Amara WinchesterPrije 13 dana

    Nothing special... seriously was expecting it to turn into a zombie, vampire or murder movie

  55. The Wood Elf

    The Wood ElfPrije 13 dana

    Eww, Hets

  56. Hikaru 78

    Hikaru 78Prije 13 dana

    OK. 🙄

  57. Cosmic Enforcer

    Cosmic EnforcerPrije 13 dana

    Neden tüm arkadaşlarımın anneleri bıyıklı?

  58. Whimsical

    WhimsicalPrije 13 dana

    This made me crave swimming even more. Damn this pandemic!

  59. Poonam Nanda

    Poonam NandaPrije 14 sati

    I 100 percent agree with you.

  60. Sarah A

    Sarah APrije 3 dana

    What keeps you from water? *thinking*

  61. Merve Yaşar

    Merve YaşarPrije 10 dana


  62. Cosmic Enforcer

    Cosmic EnforcerPrije 13 dana

    Yea, water has become very dangerous due to covid. Think about this: water has 5 letters. Covid has 5 letters. Mind blown.

  63. Abhay Yadav

    Abhay YadavPrije 13 dana

    i think this is some kind of zindagi na milegi dobara adaptation

  64. Bernard Griffin

    Bernard GriffinPrije 13 dana

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  65. Fabio Miano

    Fabio MianoPrije 13 dana

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  66. Tito Guido

    Tito GuidoPrije 13 dana

    Am placing my trade with Mr mark. Tnx for his contact info I will text him right away.

  67. Scott jack

    Scott jackPrije 13 dana

    Tell him I referred you👆

  68. Scott jack

    Scott jackPrije 13 dana

    @Biagio Martino +1=2=8=1=5=0=2=6=5=0=9

  69. Cione Gentile

    Cione GentilePrije 13 dana

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  70. Zeff

    ZeffPrije 13 dana

    Is it gay?

  71. Kez

    KezPrije 13 dana

    would've been great if it was. Netflix could easily make another movie like CMBYN, I don't know what they're waiting for

  72. Cruel world

    Cruel worldPrije 13 dana

    I wish ☹

  73. Hikaru 78

    Hikaru 78Prije 13 dana

    Doesn't seem

  74. Dj Genius

    Dj GeniusPrije 13 dana

    That level 10 friendzone where she rubbed his hair hit me like a shot to the heart😭😭😭

  75. SP

    SPPrije 13 dana

    Anyone know what the the song is in the beginning of this?

  76. Marcel Jean-Pierre R

    Marcel Jean-Pierre RPrije 9 dana

    First one is original score then transition to outcast by mainland

  77. Phumla Phewa

    Phumla PhewaPrije 13 dana

    Is there English version?!

  78. Phumla Phewa

    Phumla PhewaPrije 13 dana

    @Der Serienfreund Thanks

  79. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana

    this is turkish movie :)

  80. Der Serienfreund

    Der SerienfreundPrije 13 dana

    The Movie have also a English Dubbing.

  81. Phumla Phewa

    Phumla PhewaPrije 13 dana

    @PageMonster I didn't know duh

  82. PageMonster

    PageMonsterPrije 13 dana

    There's subtitles. 🤦

  83. iKutie

    iKutiePrije 13 dana


  84. Gabriell Valentino

    Gabriell ValentinoPrije 13 dana

    When is Love 101 Season 2 coming?

  85. whoviankfan

    whoviankfanPrije dan

    In an interview Alina Boz accidentally said“fall 2021”

  86. Papa Moomin

    Papa MoominPrije 3 dana

    @Silent Supreme 2025? No way.

  87. google google

    google googlePrije 7 dana

    @Bayram Akın🇰🇷 amacın ne ?

  88. Kraliçe Ezgizabet

    Kraliçe EzgizabetPrije 12 dana

    @Bayram Akın🇰🇷 nasil bu kadar igrenc olabiliyorsun????? Ulkemizi asagilamakla kotulemekle eline ne geciyor????? Sen hangi ulkede yasiyorsan yazlarida o kotuledigin ulkemize tatile geliyorsundur? Ulkemde yuksek yetkili biri olsam senin ayagini ulkeme sokturmam asla kotuledigin ,asagiladigin bir ulkeye girmene izin vermezdim...Dis ulkeye gidip ulkesinden utanan ,asagilan ve kotuleyenleri vatandasiktan silmek gerekiyor....!

  89. Betül YILDIZ

    Betül YILDIZPrije 12 dana

    @Silent Supremeare you sure about it because i watched Alina Boz's interview and she said its going to be released in fall but not 2025. I guess she meant this fall

  90. Ron

    RonPrije 13 dana

    Call Me By Your Name: Halal Version

  91. Evingül Karatay

    Evingül KaratayPrije 13 dana

    Where is halal thing ?

  92. Kez

    KezPrije 13 dana

    BORING! Should’ve made it gay

  93. Kez

    KezPrije 10 dana

    @BlueColeman no.

  94. BlueColeman

    BlueColemanPrije 12 dana

    you're joking right? 😂

  95. Hikaru 78

    Hikaru 78Prije 13 dana


  96. Amal Bastian

    Amal BastianPrije 13 dana

    Asli means ‘original’ in Bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩

  97. rob shanks

    rob shanksPrije 13 dana

    in arabic too

  98. - Hamada -

    - Hamada -Prije 13 dana

    Also in Turkish means Original

  99. fulya

    fulyaPrije 13 dana

    I mean it is also has the same meaning in Turkish but it is a common name.

  100. suman patra

    suman patraPrije 13 dana

    In india too

  101. Sandra M

    Sandra MPrije 13 dana

    My name is Burak xD

  102. Sumukh

    SumukhPrije 13 dana

    I can't watch a guy being called “he's like my brother” by a girl when he's totally in love with her. Must felt like heart ache.

  103. A Dream of Insomniac

    A Dream of InsomniacPrije dan

    we're brothers' & sisters' by scientific consensus

  104. Papa Moomin

    Papa MoominPrije 3 dana

    Imagine being told by an older man that you're like a daughter to him. That hurtsss.

  105. Chris Tru

    Chris TruPrije 11 dana

    There's probably half the planet of dudes falling in love with their friends lol.

  106. little witch

    little witchPrije 12 dana

    @Silent Supreme 😂😂

  107. Silent Supreme

    Silent SupremePrije 13 dana

    F R I E N D S by Anne Marie

  108. love uu

    love uuPrije 13 dana

    There may not be a tomorrow! 😞😓

  109. Manish M V

    Manish M VPrije 13 dana

    my thriller seeking ass waiting for a murder to take place in the trailer like..

  110. Manish M V

    Manish M VPrije 3 dana

    @oosiee i did watch it in 2 days but it suckeddd 😵

  111. oosiee

    oosieePrije 3 dana

    @Manish M V Binged it! Did you?

  112. Griffen Eastham

    Griffen EasthamPrije 4 dana

    Mood. Hopefully a random plot twist happens and someone dies at the end lol

  113. Shivani Gulati

    Shivani GulatiPrije 6 dana

    Exactly why I clicked on this link!! Hahah

  114. Mischief and Mayhem

    Mischief and MayhemPrije 7 dana

    I was waiting for him to get pressured into some criminal enterprise.

  115. Max Payne

    Max PaynePrije 13 dana

    How many nonsense drams will Netflix produce? By the way, is this Turkey? Whenever I think of Turkey, I only imagine an Sufi Muslim dancing.

  116. google google

    google googlePrije 7 dana

    @Gökay Sevim exactly

  117. google google

    google googlePrije 7 dana

    @Max Payne ignorance

  118. google google

    google googlePrije 7 dana

    Are you that ignorant? Expand your vision a little bit, open your horizons, research.

  119. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana

    @Max Payne No matter how much the media misrepresents us, maybe you can overcome your prejudice, and I'm not just telling you this, I'm telling people who see this comment, because nobody knows about us.

  120. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana

    @Max Payne Arab countries are Islamic states, but Azerbaijan Turkey is not an Islamic state. There are people of many different religions in Turkey, and foreigners live a lot like kurds,ermeni,german,asian,blacks. People are shocked when they see such Turkish series or movies because you don't know us.

  121. anna filh

    anna filhPrije 13 dana

    Where is Love 101 season 2

  122. balkan 0

    balkan 0Prije 7 dana

    @Bayram Akın🇰🇷 bro r u fuc*in kidding me i am turksih as well but you are 0 iq pls dont write anything

  123. İrem Nisa Ekinci

    İrem Nisa EkinciPrije 10 dana

    @Bayram Akın🇰🇷 tamam da bunun konuyla ne ilgilisi var

  124. Beren G

    Beren GPrije 13 dana

    We all waiting Love 101

  125. Bayram Akın🇰🇷

    Bayram Akın🇰🇷Prije 13 dana

    Turkey is not like that at all young people very smart 100 in student 1 student private schooll

  126. ShowBaggs

    ShowBaggsPrije 13 dana

    Wouldn't mind some English speaking originals...

  127. Hikaru 78

    Hikaru 78Prije 13 dana

    ... There is a lot of them tho O_o english originals aren't being replaced

  128. Der Serienfreund

    Der SerienfreundPrije 13 dana

    The Movie have a English Dubbing.

  129. Hehe Höhö

    Hehe HöhöPrije 13 dana

    @Arsal Khan Yeah

  130. Arsal Khan

    Arsal KhanPrije 13 dana

    @Hehe Höhö Yeah, I have never understood this complain. Plus there are so many English language shows and movies out there already.

  131. Hehe Höhö

    Hehe HöhöPrije 13 dana

    I don't understand why some people complain about shows that aren't English. Can't they read subtitles like other people have to when they watch a show with English language. I know my English is bad lol

  132. Vedinstars

    VedinstarsPrije 13 dana

    First call me by your name now this 😍😵

  133. A A

    A APrije 13 dana

    Another garbage turkish show.

  134. Lucy Mwoura

    Lucy MwouraPrije 13 dana

    Looks good...💓💓💓

  135. hamit çakır

    hamit çakırPrije 13 dana

    Why talk about the growth of BTC if there is NFT and the RJV12 algorithm

  136. Hasan gürcan Verili

    Hasan gürcan VeriliPrije 13 dana

    Why so risky? Just google RJV12 and dont worry about crypto rates

  137. Bom oyunda

    Bom oyundaPrije 13 dana

    You guys are so funny, read about the RJV12 algorithm and the FBC fund

  138. Kez

    KezPrije 13 dana

    you're not and no


    S2BENIMSINPrije 13 dana

    At first, everyone did not believe in Bitcoin, then in Defi, then in NFT, and now someone really does not believe in the RJV12 algorithm :D

  140. ZEKI.eren.kamalı

    ZEKI.eren.kamalıPrije 13 dana

    First there was an ICO boom, then Defi, then NFT, and now everyone is crazy about RJV12 algorithm

  141. Sanjay Vetri

    Sanjay VetriPrije 13 dana

    What language

  142. 0 bobux

    0 bobuxPrije 13 dana


  143. Alperen Aykul

    Alperen AykulPrije 13 dana

    RJV12 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all

  144. Çılgın TV

    Çılgın TVPrije 13 dana

    just google RJV12 algorithm and don't worry

  145. Bilal Eroğlu

    Bilal EroğluPrije 13 dana

    Everyone went crazy with ICO, then with Defi, then with NFT, now everyone is going crazy with the RJV12 algorithm

  146. Mahircan Göktaşlar

    Mahircan GöktaşlarPrije 13 dana

    RJV12 algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this

  147. oyun defterim

    oyun defterimPrije 13 dana

    is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of RJV12 algorithm?

  148. Mert

    MertPrije 13 dana


  149. çukurlu kemal

    çukurlu kemalPrije 13 dana

    Why worry about cryptocurrency quotes if there is RJV12 algorithm?

  150. Héctor Herrera

    Héctor HerreraPrije 13 dana

    fskg gjej

  151. 𝒮𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒿𝒶

    𝒮𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒿𝒶Prije 13 dana

    Broh,,that bubble 1:04 😮👀

  152. Joannot

    JoannotPrije 13 dana

    Not that hard to do actually Wait till you see dolphins do it


    KRYPTIKOMGPrije 13 dana

    Hey Netflix can u being happy death day and it’s sequel happy death day 2u? Plz

  154. jor ka

    jor kaPrije 13 dana

    Turkish acceptable version of Call me by your name.

  155. Shira yuki

    Shira yukiPrije 3 dana


  156. Aware

    AwarePrije 10 dana

    @Prathap Kutty no it's not

  157. H. K.

    H. K.Prije 10 dana

    @Hira Kurtuluş Even tho we support it majority of our country doesn't,that's not debatable at all. So I don't see the point of acting like our country is LGBT friendly.

  158. H. K.

    H. K.Prije 10 dana

    @Aware Exactly!! Turkey is not a country where people can live like they want.

  159. jor ka

    jor kaPrije 12 dana

    @John Jay Pierre Wow, very clear question you ask there, my guy.

  160. Adhrinath R

    Adhrinath RPrije 13 dana


  161. Dex

    DexPrije 13 dana

    wait a sec how am i this early to a trailer video

  162. Nemo

    NemoPrije 13 dana

    Love is freedom ❤️

  163. Epic Apex Plays

    Epic Apex PlaysPrije 13 dana

    the straight version of call me by your name?

  164. New Life New Rules

    New Life New RulesPrije 13 dana

    What language is that? Sounds German.

  165. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana


  166. pguilhermino

    pguilherminoPrije 13 dana

    @NIKOS You have hate in your head, only that!

  167. A Rose

    A RosePrije 13 dana

    @NIKOS keep telling yourself that

  168. NIKOS

    NIKOSPrije 13 dana

    the worst language of the world and the worst country of the world

  169. Exile For Betty

    Exile For BettyPrije 13 dana

    Turkish not german

  170. 💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙

    💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙Prije 13 dana

    It’s this a new show or a movie do they speak English

  171. 💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙

    💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙Prije 13 dana

    @Merve Metan oh man well I guess I wait for the kissing booth

  172. Merve Metan

    Merve MetanPrije 13 dana

    Yeah, no.

  173. 💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙

    💙💙Sassy Queen Vibes 💙💙Prije 13 dana

    @Merve Metan so no English

  174. Merve Metan

    Merve MetanPrije 13 dana

    Movie... Speak Turkish.

  175. Jaivir Gulati

    Jaivir GulatiPrije 13 dana

    Waiting for Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. Keep it up 👍

  176. Radianas

    RadianasPrije 13 dana

    Trailer looks promising

  177. Jaivir Gulati

    Jaivir GulatiPrije 13 dana

    Netflix makes everything *SO* easy :)

  178. k1NeNuTzz

    k1NeNuTzzPrije 13 dana

    did she f him ? i need to know

  179. Jaivir Gulati

    Jaivir GulatiPrije 13 dana

    1st like on vid :) 👍 👇

  180. AustinChallenges

    AustinChallengesPrije 13 dana

    Who's interested in watching this!!!

  181. Mete Çamlı

    Mete ÇamlıPrije 13 dana

    you don't have to watch :D?

  182. MatyDN05

    MatyDN05Prije 13 dana

    No one

  183. Jaivir Gulati

    Jaivir GulatiPrije 13 dana

    "Perfect" 🔥

  184. Gabrielius Martinaitis

    Gabrielius MartinaitisPrije 13 dana


  185. Jaivir Gulati

    Jaivir GulatiPrije 13 dana

    My mom: "What's this?" Me: "Perfection"

  186. Sanjog Gm

    Sanjog GmPrije 13 dana

    Its seems illegal to be this early😳

  187. Studio Fantasma

    Studio FantasmaPrije 13 dana

    Not funny 😲

  188. Stone Turner

    Stone TurnerPrije 13 dana


  189. DuckyIQ10 Gamer

    DuckyIQ10 GamerPrije 13 dana


  190. Sleepcannotbefound

    SleepcannotbefoundPrije 13 dana

    *Cant wait*

  191. Sleepcannotbefound

    SleepcannotbefoundPrije 13 dana